So big, so bold, so bright......Kassi, can you type up the paragraphs that describe it and the bond? Thanks.

This is the FP part too...:

Darkness, loneliness, hatred, sorrow. Those are the ways of the Forsaken Place. Consumed with the darkness that stretches across the land, it yearns for a soul to crush, a heart to destoy, and to instead twist event he most righteous beings into monsters, slaves of the dark.

The Tree of Life, so big, so bold, so bright. The counterbalance to the darkness. Neither the good nor the evil can overcome the other, for they are bound by a balance. A balance of power. Not hate, not love, but with a power so strong it can not be broken, lest it would consume the world in shadow.

i added a bit.....does it sound good??? if not I can change it.......