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The Tunnel: Picture without the streetlights on the side :)

Adia looks for Menso

  • Adia dreams of Menso being attacked.
  • Adia is looking for a fight because she is scared/mad/confused/sad.
  • The fight
  • Adia is really hurt by the fight.
  • Elekada finds Adia after a day or two.
  • Adia wants to go to the TOL but Elekada convinces her that Menso could be at the Capital, Tacheia Fygi. (Elekada is being mysterious/panicked-ish)
    • Elekada can see the "shadow of a shadow" because they are so close to the FP and its been 5 days so the "SoS" has spread.
  • They go to the Capital.
  • A lot of stuff happens, they find the scroll somehow and they find and escape through the tunnel, (Maybe the scroll is IN the tunnel??)
    • Perhaps Elekada is "dragging" Adia to part of the city where the scroll is even though its taken over and Adia just wants to get out. Then its too late to go back out the way they came in, so while running around, looking for an escape, the find the tunnel???
  • They gather the elves in the Southeast mountains for war?
  • I always imagined them being captured after the Capital business. Sound good?
  • Maybe Adia is alone, having lost Elekada? But obviously Elekada would find her again. She's a good tracker. I think nature spirits have to be. 'Even some of the trees are on her side!'
  • (Sorry for the Narnia quote. I felt it was needed) =)

External ConflictsEdit

The Aphars

The Men from the Forsaken Place

The Shadow

Other Bad Creatures



Internal ConflictsEdit

Trusting Elekada

Loving Farron?

Peace vs. War?


War is not the Answer (haha I don't know. I'm making stuff up)

Love Wins (boring, but true in this case)