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Lower Half of the Map

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Upper Half of the Map

Tacheia Fygi (Tak e a Fa hi) -(Tacheia is Greek for speed. Fygi is greek for flee) new Elvish capital after the old one was overrun LONG LONG LONG ago. Has secret passage way into the mountains. Tacheia Fygi is being taken over once again by the darkness, but from the inside-out, more of an undercover thing. The capital is an island shaped as a perfect circle in the middle of the lake between the ocean and the rain forest. Long ago when the old capital was taken over, the elves retreated away from the darkness, including the Aphars, men, and other evil creatures. Most of the elves like the Namen and Fae tribes traveled all the way across the land to the Northern Mountains. Some tribes retreated through the secret tunnel to the Southeast mountains. Representatives from the three tribes reside in it, but the men/Aphars are slowly..."occupying" it....

Aziev - the country!!! The borders are the ocean to the north, the forest to the west, the ___ to the south, the mountains? to the east.

Cinnamon Island Alidhoo Maldives Areil

Woah! A perfect circle!

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