Suggested names for the country:

  • Lanati
  • Zeniya
  • Tokes (with the two dots over the e)
  • Strana (add a bit)
  • Medyas (mmm..ok)
  • Arazi
  • Stranazi? (this was made up.
  • Adaldkin
  • Laskelas
  • Clyineen
  • Eryndani/Eryndai
  • Yael (yale/yah-el)
  • Yaenowa
  • Yaeli/Yaelin/Yaeline
  • Orgüsthil
  • Fayrevis (fare-vis)
  • Faiyrch (fare-etch)
  • Oygëth (Oiy-geeth)

Wilcox Park St. Tomas the Apostle Grand Rapids Michigan

  • WP licowa
  • WP xikowa (xzee-cow-Ae) (xzeecowa)
  • WR xicaid
  • WA xiltos
  • WM xichgan
  • MP Ichpkan
  • MW My¨xilan the x has the dots over it)

"Fae" means "fairy," or "faith, loyalty, belief"

"Namen" means "name" in Germen. Who woulda thunk. :P We might be able to play off it. Like "reputation"

Viraed - can't find's a drug though!