Men are a new race in the world of the elves and forest creatures. They are selfish for the most part and have sided with the Aphars to take over the land and its riches. They invaded Aziev from a country called Wyr. (I forgot what direction Wyr is in, west, east, or south).

The Analogy I use: Men are to Elves as Americans are to Europeans :)

There are 3 Men that Help Adia (and Elekada?) after she has been captured. They return her Goddrum to her so she can perform magic, and the men flee to ____ with her. (I'm not sure when we planned for them to come into the story, but at some point, Adia is captured by bad men).

Name Possibilities: ( I am SO bad at this. HELP!)

  • Corin 4
  • Darod
  • Brin
  • Farron 1
  • Mavek 3
  • Narik
  • Rivan
  • Sarin/Sauron- Lord of the Rings name! haha
  • Valen
  • Saberct
  • Dauid
  • Corrye
  • Feix
  • Gaeffard
  • Gillayre- reminds be of Gilderoy :)
  • Nycholl- sounds exactly like Nicole
  • Ranett
  • Raund 2

The Men Who Help AdiaEdit

  1. Farron (the hot blonde one)
  2. Corin (the comic relief guy)
  3. Mavek (the beast, darkhaired one)