Magic is the manipulation of the stream of Energy.

How it WorksEdit

"Magic" is merely the bending, or manipulation, of the Energy. This energy is what permeates every aspect of the natural world (not the FP of course, although remnants remain). Bends in this Energy are what cause supernatural happenstances. These can sometimes occur naturally, the Energy bending of its own accord. Mostly, however, it is controlled by a being.Edit


Nymphs are a part of nature, be it tree, water. Thus, their magic is inborn. However, they only have access to the magic concerning their "branch" (no pun intended) of nature. For example, Tree nymphs cannot influence air, but they can influence plants (most powerful with their own tree) and earth (to an extent), etc. Water nymphs, on the other hand, have great control over water.
These magic abilities need no vessel or passage to be used. It is done by the nymphs own will and have no repercussions, for the nymphs are part of the Energy, part of nature.
Nymphs do not need spells to work magic; it is a bodily function, much like moving a muscle.


Elves, unlike nymphs, are not part of nature, thus their magic isn't a part of them. Instead, they "tap into" the Energy, bending it to their will. However, this can cause unintended repercussions, for creating a bend in the Energy here will created a bend somewhere else to balence.
Because the Elves are not one with Nature, but are close, they need a mdium through which to bend the Energy. This is their goddrum, their source of magic, their way to tap into the flow of energy.
The Elves must speak a spell in order to work the magic, for they do not have the same unity with the Energy as the nymphs do.