Adia Namen - Elf

Arveli Namen - Elf, Adia's mother

Aphar - Creature

Elekada Fae - Nymph

'Forsaken Place - Icky place.'

Goddrum - Necklace that each elf is given at birth form the "energy". It is the source of their magical abilities. Once a new spell is learned, a new bead appears on their goddrum. Once all the spells have been learned, they are "mature". Each necklace is different. Three stages: pre-mature, mature, and master. Master is not known to any, lost in time, for no one has had to use it until now with the forgotten spells. Different colored centers. AS necklace contains all beads (Adia MASTERS spells) it flashes color of personality (as it does when a new bead is received normally) and then color of beads, then totally clear. [this last bit was in notebook. does that mean that her necklace gets a transformation? I kinda think it's cool. But maybe awesomer than just turning all clear]

Magic - The manipulation of Energy.

Menso Namen - Elf. Adia's brother.

Nymphs - Personifications of the spirits of Nature.

Tree of Life - Massive tree that is basically very important in story.