A Goddrum is a necklace that each elf is given at birth from the "energy". It is the source of their magical abilities. Once a new spell is learned, a new bead appears on their goddrum. Once all the spells have been learned, they are "mature". Each necklace is different. Three stages: pre-mature, mature, and master. Master is not known to any, lost in time, for no one has had to use it until now with the forgotten spells. There are different colored centers. As the necklace gains all beads it flashes the color of their personality and then color of the beads turns totally clear.

Tribe Goddrum Centers:Edit

Namen- clear-ish

Fae- blue-ish

Viraed- green-ish

Elf Goddrums:Edit

Adia- Bravery

Menso- Quick to Act