Order of Cities that Adia and Elekada go to: (how many??)== 1.




  • Nymphs fled the horror of what was happening in the FP and made the ToL. This made all the trees in the FP die, hence the name FP (along with other things). By making the ToL, the nymphs made the balance necessary to stop the "evil" (the "people" of that place were gaining strength. This stopped it. ((kind of like stopping the threat of war/destruction)) ) They gave the power of balance to the royal family of the Namen tribe. Nymphs hid scrolls inside the tree in case the balance was ever destroyed. One with spells, and one with prophecy. Note: Nymphs must return to their tree at least once every 24 hours. Nymphs of ToL can never leave? [most from notebook] (okay. the majorly underlined and stuff part was in the notebook...but did we not decide that they would go on a "scavenger hunt" to find many scrolls?? so how did that happen?? and is the final scroll in the ToL? along with a copy of the prophecy???)
  • Okay, so, Menso is "balance keeper" sort of thing, but he broke it and the "restoring power" went to Adia which no one knew about. Correct?